Keep User Management Simple With AD Management Tool

A great part of network administration involves management of users, computers, and groups. All these attributes need to be properly maintained so that only authenticated users and computers can logon to the network and only those can access network resources like data, application, printers, etc. This is where user management under Active directory finds its importance. Active directory is an essential part of any organization basically in a large network. More the number of employees or systems, more is the burden over administrators to ensure complete vigilance. However, active directory management tools make it easy through dedicated user management portals.

In the network, user attributes needs to be managed per user basis and involves a great amount of time and effort. This can also involve errors as one is quite prone to commit mistakes while updating such large lists. User management module helps the AD Administrator to perform bulk tasks with simple clicks. Multiple accounts can be handled in one attempt. The tool keeps everything organized and presents data in a sequential order, which can be easily modified. It empowers admin to either monitor users in bulk regarding general attributes or manage single user with greater ease and functionalities.

Managing User Account Function

Bulk user management helps you to unlock multiple user accounts or reset user passwords at a go. You can move, delete or edit user attributes within organizational units. You can also manage groups simultaneously like Add to Group, Remove from Group or Set primary group and manage common attributes for multiple loggers. The same can be maintained for specific users too. You can specify instructions to limit password changes, user account functions and modify general attributes Overall you are empowered to control any user related aspect in the network.


Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting (LADMR) is one such effective tool to manage Active Directory users easily. It has a dedicated User management section for enhanced user service. LADMR provides more than 50 built in reports on users, computers, groups, security, OUs and other network objects. You can also write complex scripts with a built in interface (query creator) to query active directory and WMI without learning complex scripting languages. The reports can be exported to HTML, CSV, PDF, RTF and TXT formats for further reference. Evaluate the software freely for 30 days but one can’t save the reports from the trial version though.



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