Which AD Manager Suits you the Best?


The most common management tool used to manage Active Directory is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Using the MMC interface, administrators create custom console tools to manage the domains, AD objects, OUs, group policies, etc. There are various other management tasks involved apart from these basic functions. There you would need a better, self guided tool like AD manager to assist in day to day activities. Active directory (AD) can be even managed through command lines but the better option is taking aid of administrative tools designed specifically for this purpose.

The tech world is now flooded with various Active Directory management tools. Everyone tries to distinguish it from others with one feature or other but overall serving the same purposes. What exactly is beneficial in your case? Be a critic and scrutinize your network to get hold of the best service available as they all come for a price. One important aspect which I can ensure to prove beneficial is a product with good reporting standards. Every AD tool is set to perform the same tasks with different graphical interfaces and tweaks. Reports are what can make a difference, as after setting the initial parameters, one is not so concerned about the functions but the results.

The results can be availed via good reporting tools. A tool which has the capability to let you have a bird eye view over the complete network can be summoned as a good tool. User management, server management, organizational units and group management are the basic properties of any AD manager. Reports keep it simple to manage thousands of active directory users through its bulk user operation and easy-to-work interface. They provide the data about necessary changes, recent activities or unauthorized activities in the network which in turn helps you to take apt steps to rectify the issues.

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting (LADMR) is an efficient AD manager tool. It makes AD management easier and better. It is incorporated with all the above mentioned features and an elaborate reporting functionality. LADMR provides more than 50 built in reports on users, computers, groups, security, OUs and other network objects. You can also write complex scripts with a built in interface (query creator) to query active directory and WMI without learning complex scripting languages. The reports can be exported to HTML, CSV, PDF, RTF and TXT formats for further reference. Evaluate the software freely for 30 days but you can’t save reports with the trial version. For further information, please visit at here : http://www.lepide.com/active-directory-manager/


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